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1 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Description :we are looking for 4 Carpenter category - helper carpenter : basic salary 1000allowance 200total : 1200category - shutter Carpenter : basic salary : 1200allowance : 200Total : 1400category - furniture Carpenter : basic salary : 1400allowance : 200Total : 1600other terms : 1- Accommodation is provided by company 2- Transport is provided by Company3- Over time is provided by Company4- Medical insurance is provided by Company5- Ticket to home country is provided every 2 yearsNationality: Any nation
28 Jan 2020
2 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Al Ghurair
Description :Looking for Carpenter, AC Mechanic and Assistant ElectricianJob Type: Full-timeExperience:AC Mechanic: 2 years (Preferred)Carpentry: 2 years (Preferred)Assistant Electrician: 1 year (Preferred)
05 Mar 2020
3 ] Carpenter - Abu Dhabi
Employer :MCRC
Description :We are looking for a Carpenter to work for our client based in Abu Dhabi :Must have 1-2 years of experienceSalary AED 1,000 to AED1,100 + accommodationJob Types: Full-time, PermanentSalary: AED1,000.00 to AED1,100.00 /monthExperience:Carpentry: 2 years (Preferred)Location:Abu Dhabi (Preferred)
19 Mar 2020
4 ] CARPENTER - Dubai
Employer :Polverini Middle East Interior Decoration LLC
Description :Our Company is looking for an experienced carpenter with an experience in fit-out works.Can join us immediately. Kindly submit your CV with photo.Job Types: Full-time, PermanentExperience:Carpentry: 1 year (Preferred)Location:Dubai (Required)
20 Mar 2020
5 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Description :We are looking for a Maintenance Carpenter.Constructs and repairs structural woodwork and equipment in establishment working from blueprints drawings or oral instructions.Builds repairs and installs counters cabinets benches partitions floors doors building framework and trim using carpenter s hand tools and power tools.Installs glass in windows doors and partitions.Replaces damaged ceiling tile floor tile and wall coverings.Job Type: Full-timeExperience:Carpentry: 1 year (Preferred)Facility Man
02 Feb 2020
6 ] carpenter - Ajman
Employer :Royal dream decor
Description :Job Description : Looking for an experienced Carpenter and gypsum in UAE, in addition to be able read drawing.Job Details: Erecting scaffolding, ladders for assembling structures above ground levels.Shaping or cutting materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws.Production drywall, light taping and wall repair as needed.Doors, frames and window removal and installation.Job Type: Full-time
30 Jan 2020
7 ] Carpenter - Ajman
Employer :Royal dream decor
Description :Job Description : Looking for an experienced Carpenter and gypsum in UAE, in addition to be able read drawing.Job Details: Erecting scaffolding, ladders for assembling structures above ground levels.Shaping or cutting materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws.Production drywall, light taping and wall repair as needed.Doors, frames and window removal and installation.Job Type: Full-time
08 Feb 2020
8 ] Carpenter - Abu Dhabi
Employer :Al Ammar Building Contractors
Description :JOB REQUIREMENTS Should have working experience of 7 to 10 years as a Carpenter. Ability to read blueprints, plans, drawings and diagrams. Should excellent excellent artistic skills and creative. Physical strength is required to handle manual tasks. Good knowledge of carpentry tools, equipment, techniques and methods. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Acquiring carpentry tools, equipment and materials suitable for the job. Studying and interpreting plans, drawings and other specifications. Cutti
24 Feb 2020
9 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :WORKLINES International
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Helps to construct various kinds of furniture like door frames, tables and chairs. To measure, mark, cut and shape materials to make furniture. Identifying and evaluating requirements and needs. Helps to spray and repair furniture. JOB REQUIREMENTS Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Ability to read and interpret drawings and blueprints. Should be having at least 1-2 years experience as a Carpenter. BENEFITS All benefits provided as per UAE labor law.
04 Mar 2020
10 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Icon Facility Management
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Identifying client requirements Responsible for measuring and marking materials like wood needed. Building or constructing required furniture like doors and windows. To shape and cut required materials. The candidate is to make door and window frames. JOB REQUIREMENTS Must be having at least 1-2 years experience as a carpenter. Having good maths and numerical skills. Ability to use machines and tools. Should be creative and critical thinker.
22 Mar 2020
11 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Sleek Furniture
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Identifying and evaluating customer needs and requirements Responsible for taking right measurement that suit customer specifications. To construct or repair wooden structures. Assembling, installing and repairing furniture like shelves, chairs. To make and install fittings and ceiling required. JOB REQUIREMENTS Only male candidates required. Must have good maths and analytical skills. Having deep knowledge of carpentry works. Must be having proven 2–3 years ex
25 Mar 2020
12 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Rafiq Real Estate
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES To evaluate client requirements and needs. The candidate is to measure, cut and shape materials to be used. To read and interpret drawings and sketches. Responsible for constructing, installing and fitting furniture. JOB REQUIREMENTS Preferred Indian and Pakistan nationals. Must be able and willing to join immediately. Should be having at least 1-2 years experience as a Carpenter. Having good maths and analytical skills. Only male candidates needed. BENEFITS
24 Mar 2020
13 ] Carpenter - Abu Dhabi
Employer :Careers International
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES To take measurements and calculate the size and amount of materials required. To layout floorings, roofings and ensure they are leveled and compatible. Inspecting places and conduct repairs or maintenance. To cut, shape and smooth materials needed. JOB REQUIREMENTS Applicants must possess minimum 1-2 years experience as a Carpenter. Only male candidates needed. Having analytical skills.
29 Mar 2020
14 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Park hr
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES To evaluate client requirements and needs and ensuring they are met. Reading and following drawings and blueprints when building carpentry products like door and window frames. Responsible repairing and maintaining various carpentry products. JOB REQUIREMENTS Preferred Applicants should be inside in UAE. Candidates must be have proven prior experience as a Carpenter. Must be having excellent planning and organizing skills. Only Indian, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri lanka
20 Apr 2020
15 ] Carpenter - Abu Dhabi
Employer :Graviton Interiors
Description :We are looking to hire a skilled Carpenter with knowledge of various carpentry techniques. You will be responsible for layout, installation, repairing, finishing, and maintaining various structures, fixtures, and buildings. Other duties will include designing, cutting, and measuring materials according to a client's requirements. A successful applicant should be hardworking, reliable, and have good communication and organizational skills. You must have completed an apprenticeship in carpentry or
12 Feb 2020
16 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Arenco Group
Description :MAINTENANCE CARPENTERMain Tasks and Responsibilities: 1. Performs all tasks and responsibilities of Carpentry Works.2. Performs any other functions related to the job scope, which the management deems necessary as designated.Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (and/or Other Attributes): 1. With experience working in the UAE in the following jobs: Carpenter.2. Reasonable facility of Language (English) and communication skills.3. Atleast 3 - 5 year’s experience in a Contracting or Real Estate Co
24 Mar 2020
17 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :ABT Consultancy
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Reading and interpreting blueprints and drawing to determine needed materials. To measure,mark,cut and shape carpentry materials like wood and plastic. Constructing needed carpentry products when following blueprints like tables,beds and wooden doors. Ensuring assigned work is finished on time and estimated budget. To assemble,install and maintain furniture in the designated areas. JOB REQUIREMENTS Preferred male Asian nationals. Ability to read and interpret blu
30 Jan 2020
18 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Kairo Group
Description :JOB REQUIREMENTS Should have working experience of 1 to 2 years as a Carpenter. This position is intended for only applicants of a male gender. This is an open vacancy. Applicants of any nationality can apply. Should be creative with excellent drawing and artistic skills. Must be having remarkable measuring abilities. Can use a variety of carpentry tools both automated and hand tools. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Studying drawings, blueprints and plans in order to determine specifications.
02 Mar 2020
19 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Mahi General Services
Description :JOB REQUIREMENTS Proven experience as carpenter is required. Ability to read and interpret blueprints, plans and technical drawings. Must be having accurate measuring skills. Demonstrated ability to use both power and hand tools. Familiar with erecting scaffolding and assembling wooden structures. Ability to install frameworks, structures and fixtures. Familiar with established construction site safety rules and regulations. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Reading blueprints, sketches and draw
05 Apr 2020
20 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :A to Z Properties
Description :ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES To evaluate client requirements and needs to measured the required materials for a the given project. Helping in installing and fitting cabinets, counters and molding in the designated areas. Responsible for operating, maintaining various equipment and tools and handling minor repairs. To measure, mark and cut various carpentry materials like wood, plastic and other materials. JOB REQUIREMENTS Candidates should having at least 1 year experience as a Carpenter. Sho
20 Apr 2020
21 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Al-Futtaim
Description :No two days are the same at Al-Futtaim, no matter what role you have. Our work is driven by the desire to make a difference and to have a meaningful impact with the goal of enriching everyday lives. Take our engaging and supportive work environment and couple it with a company culture that recognises and rewards quality performance, and what do you get? The chance to push the limits every single day. As a humble family business that started on the banks of the Dubai Creek in the 1930s, Al-Futta
11 Feb 2020
22 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Mace
Description :The role Carpenter Your responsibilities will include: Managing civil carpentry maintenance. Ensuring minor carpentry repairs and ironmongery or lock repairs. Assisting in installing electrical systems. Installing sound systems, security systems and voice and data systems. Installing lighting, electrical outlets, and circuit breakers. Handling thread conduit ends and connect couplings and conduit fittings using wrench. Securing brackets to bulkheads with screws and bolts and pull wires t
30 Jan 2020
23 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Exotic Interiors Studio
Description :Candidate must have at least minimum experience of 3 years in carpentry works for an Interior fit out design company.Benefits given such as paid overtimes and accommodation.Carries out skilled carpentry on site and in shop involving the use of hand and/or power tools and equipment.ABLE TO JOIN IMMEDIATELY!Job Type: Full-timeExperience:Fit Out: 3 years (Preferred)Carpentry: 3 years (Preferred)Location:Dubai (Preferred)
28 Jan 2020
24 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Prosper Recruit
Description :4 candidates needed JOB REQUIREMENTS Only applicants of Indian, Nepali and Indian nationality required. Can interpret and understand various designs, technical specifications and drawings. Able to use carpentry tools and equipment safely and efficiently. Can carry out physically demanding tasks Should be professional, creative with artistic skills. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Selecting carpentry tools, materials and equipment. Studying blueprints, plans, technical instructions, diagrams an
20 Feb 2020
25 ] Carpenter - Dubai
Employer :Build Masters
Description :JOB REQUIREMENTS The eligible candidate must be of Indian nationality. Should have the ability to speak English or Hindi. The applicant should be having experience in the carpentry field. Excellent drawing and artistic skills are needed. Should have a good hand-eye coordination with the ability to use various carpentry tools. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Interpreting drawings and plans to determine the materials and tools for the job. Should also pay attention to safety and follow the necess
02 Mar 2020
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